Sherman Island Currents for Short boarders



A graphical depictions of the times for flood, ebb, and slack currents near:

Based on data from NOAA.

Why and How to Use

Windsurfing and kiting on small boards (no foil) is fun! But wind lulls can make getting back to where you started difficult or impossible with a disadvantageous tide. In addition long distance windsurf foiling in SF Bay is great but getting becalmed mid-bay with a fast ebb tide is not!

Current tables with times for ebb, slack, and flood tides can help. So we wanted to make it easy to visualize current predictions so we made a graphical version that shows two weeks worth of tides from the current day or chosen start date.
Times for flood currents are shown in red while times for ebb currents are shown in blue. Times shown at the beginning of a block of time for ebb or flood are the times of slack water (zero current approximately). The speeds for max ebb and max flood in knots are shown at the approximate time they occur. Note: that 1 knot is approximately 1.151 mph.

Why Part 2

In addition to being a windsurfer and a kiteboarder the author also teaches college level computer science so likes to come up with demonstration projects for his students.

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